Pelvic Therapy Testimonials

What do patients have to say about their experience in pelvic physical therapy at Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber?

“It all happens before you know it, and when you don’t expect it. Life changes! Depressing, angering, unfair, painful, uncomfortable, and miserable are all words that could describe what life feels like when you have a pelvic floor dysfunction. Add in the fact that when you’re a man, the list of PTs that can treat you gets even smaller and life suddenly doesn’t look so promising. I struggled for almost three years with this condition. I finally found an answer to my prayers – Bre! She’s a PT who both knows and understands how to treat my condition! This is absolutely both a treatable and manageable condition and she’s taught me that! If you are reading this, then odds are, you already know and you’re looking for help. You’ve found it! Make the call and learn what it means to enjoy life again!” – Matt, 51

“I was first diagnosed with endometriosis in Fall 2006 after many years of battling severe pelvic pain, unpredictable menstrual cycles, fibroids/cysts, and painful intercourse. I had heard about pelvic floor therapy but did not know much about it. I realized that this was the course of treatment I needed to try! I have been EXTREMELY happy with my progress. My pain is manageable and I have learned to control my symptoms through various exercises and breathing techniques. Sara has also taught me how to read my symptoms and my menstrual cycle during the month to PREVENT pain and discomfort! Finally an answer to my prayers! I am so thankful that I have found a treatment option that is working without side effects!” – Janice, 35