About Us

Founded in 1906, CSSMCW is an independent, non-profit acute care hospital in northern Somerset County, bordering Cambria County. The 54-bed hospital employs more than 450 staff members, making CSSMCW the fourth largest employer in Somerset County.

For more than 115 years, our hospital has been serving our patients with the highest level of quality care and customer service. We strive to exceed your expectations by providing you with top quality care in a comfortable, home-like environment. Our philosophy of patient centered care helps to improve the quality of life by healing the mind, body, and spirit.

We believe good health care is simply:

  • A better understanding of your needs and concerns
  • A personal relationship with your doctor and our staff
  • Making you and your family as comfortable as possible
  • Treating you with the dignity and respect you deserve
  • Helping you understand and participate in your own healthcare

While offering all the latest technology found in only the best community-based hospitals, the people of Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber understand that the true power of healing lies not only in the tools of medicine, but in the hearts of the people providing the care. This is our pledge to those we serve:

  • To use our skills and resources to help others
  • To focus first on overall health in order to reduce the need to treat disease
  • To bring the most advanced medical science to bear on illness and injury
  • To treat those we serve as we would guests or loved ones
  • To bring creativity and fresh ideas to the pursuit improving life and health .