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Cardiac Rehabilitation Testimonials

What do patients have to say about their experience in cardiac rehabilitation at Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber?

“In the beginning of my program, I was uncertain of not just my capabilities but of the center’s, too. I could not imagine what more it could do for me than I could do myself. From the beginning, the staff and patrons were great, friendly, and accepted me as one of them. I always left rehab feeling good both mentally and physically. The staff did a good job of exercising me at a safe and comfortable pace. I am sad to see my rehab end but with its help the rest of my life has just begun!”

Russell B.

“Cardiac Rehab has been very good for me being a diabetic; increased exercise has helped control my blood sugars better. The staff has been very helpful and most flexible to my work schedule so I could make all my sessions. Thanks to all of you.”

Wilbert N.

“[The Cardiac Rehab] program has been a tremendous help to me! I am once again on a regular exercise program, watching more closely what I eat and finally seeing all my “important” numbers; blood pressure, blood sugar levels and weight coming down. I have been encouraged and motivated by the friendliness and guidance of Cindy, Angie, Lori and Matt. This is such a well-run program and I would highly recommend it. Thank you all for your help.”

Kathy M.

“When I started this program, I just had some blockage repaired. It made it hard for me to breathe; and I got very lazy. Since then, I have more strength, and now have the desire to continue with physical training. The staff was always helpful, and willing to push me just a bit harder. I now have the goal to improve, and keep the progress going forward. I will be here to keep advancing. My many thanks to all who have helped!”

Ken M. age 70

“The Cardiac Rehabilitation is a great program, and helped me gain strength back. I was weak when I returned from the hospital, and the program allowed me to regain my muscle tone. I lost a lot of muscle after having my heart operation, and the program helped me gain it back. The staff works with us as patients to answer questions, and how to get set up with an exercise program for our individual needs. The staff is very good with what they are trained to do; and I am pleased with how well I have done in the 12 weeks I have spent in the program.”

Michael M. age 67

“I found the program very satisfying and useful. The staff was friendly and concerned with my progress. I enjoyed brief periods of talking, and interaction with other clients. I plan to join the HealthStyles program, and continue improving my health.”

Ronald S. age 82

“Cardiac Rehabilitation has helped me get my cholesterol and triglycerides under control. This is the first time in 15 years that I have had normal numbers.”

Marjorie B. age 60

“Everyone I worked with was positive and professional. They allowed me the flexibility to complete my Cardiac Rehabilitation while continuing with work. Lori and Matt allowed me to progress the intensity of the workouts while measuring my comfort levels, blood pressure, and heart rate. Angie and Cindy worked hard to ensure I had no issues physically; and did everything possible to make me comfortable with the program.”

John H. age 56

“Cardiac Rehabilitation was a blessing for me. I went from being afraid to try many activities, to gaining confidence to try new things. I was encouraged to increase my endurance in the activities that were prescribed. When doing these activities, I gained confidence in my ability. I feel much stronger and able to move on with life. Thank you to everyone who worked with me throughout the process. I plan to continue my exercises at this facility after my program is done.”

William W. age 75

“After surgery I was anxious about any activity that would stress my heart. Cardiac Rehabilitation gave me back my confidence. I knew if I worked hard I could enjoy life again. The staff was very supportive. They frequently monitored my blood pressure, and blood sugar levels throughout exercise. I would, and do, recommend Cardiac Rehabilitation to anyone who has had any conditions. Without rehabilitation, I would probably be sitting in my chair afraid to move.”

Virginia B. age 73

“The program works if you commit to doing it. The staff is helpful and there to assist in any way they can. I nicknamed them “my dream team.” I worked at my own pace and did not feel pressured to just perform, and move on. I will join the HealthStyles program when my Cardiac Rehabilitation is complete. Thank you all for helping me to succeed!”

Chris R. age 66

“What an amazing difference! 36 sessions later, and I feel so much better! Everyone was so friendly, and helpful. Lori and Matt pushed me ever so friendly to do a little more at a time. I have gone from barely making it upstairs for a nap after therapy, to going hiking afterwards. After a “cardiac scare” it was reassuring to know someone was keeping an eye on me through monitors.”

Cheryl B. age 67