ER Wait Times

How long might I wait in the Emergency Room?

All patients and diagnoses are different. These times are only a general guideline and may vary based on several factors. If you feel that you have been waiting too long, please let us know.

We value the relationships that we build with our patients. If you have a concern, please contact us directly at 814-341-1641 to allow us the opportunity to correct the issue.

To be seen by the doctor… This time may vary depending on the severity of your illness or the severity of other patients in the ER at the time. However, the average length of time until the doctor sees you is approximately 20-30 minutes.
For bloodwork… Most blood test results are back in approximately 60 minutes. Some tests are more complicated and may take longer.
For X-rays… Approximately 60 minutes
For CT Scans or Ultrasounds… Approximately 90 minutes
To get to a bed after the doctor has recommended a hospital stay… Approximately 45-60 minutes
To be discharged if being sent home… Approximately 30 minutes