DARI Motion Analysis

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What is DARI Motion Analysis?

DARI can collect objective biomechanical data on individuals or entire teams in a matter of hours giving athletes, physical therapists, and training staffs the tools to transform their motion.

  • Using markerless motion capture, DARI collects all forces, angles, and velocities generated in a 5-to-15-minute scan.
  • DARI processes the data in moments–identifying subtle musculoskeletal asymmetries and poor movement patterns that impact performance and lead to injury.
  • As soon as an athlete steps out of the capture space, DARI delivers an easy-to-read report with actionable insights, allowing therapists, coaches, and trainers to get to work immediately on injury prevention, recovery, and therapy programs.
  • Our patented technology captures kinetic data, such as joint torques and ground reaction forces, without force plates.
  • DARI’s validated markerless capture system delivers accuracy and precision comparable to the current marker and force-plate standard.