Pulmonary Rehabilitation Testimonials

What do patients have to say about their experience in pulmonary rehabilitation at Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber?

“It is a great program and made a difference.  The care and concern of all the staff was superb.”

“What a difference this program made for me.  I feel much better.  I am stronger and my breathing has improved.  April and Tonya are the best!  They are both very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.  I was also able to meet with the dietician to discuss good nutrition which was very helpful.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone with similar lung issues.  It was a positive experience.”

“Pulmonary rehab was a very good thing for me to participate in. When I started, I had trouble walking the track due to my breathing. I also had atrial fibrillation. But as I kept going and did the exercises at home too I noticed I started feeling better.  I also had a cardioversion and can walk a mile on the track and not get so out of breath. The exercises have built up my strength. I’m sure my ECHO will show an improvement in my heart. Also have to say good things about April and Tonya.  They care and show an interest in all of their patients. They are easy to talk to and made the program very enjoyable.  I have signed up to keep going to the gym to keep up the good results I have so far.”

“This program has helped me with my breathing and exercising with better breathing techniques.  April and Tonya were excellent and worked together to keep my experience positive.  Everyone was friendly to me.”

“Pulmonary rehabilitation has taught me how to breathe better.”

“Even though I hate getting up early in the am, I love the therapy. April and Tonya are very helpful and supportive. They push a bit when needed, but all in all I feel better, stronger and breathing easier. I intend to keep it up when therapy is finished.”

“Your Pulmonary Rehab program is excellent!  I always felt welcome there. It is a friendly environment, and the people do their best to get the help I need.”

“Before I had Pulmonary Rehabilitation I coughed all the time. Now I don’t. With all the exercise I breathe a lot better. Walking made my legs stronger. Overall I feel better and also my family thinks so. Good job Tonya and April. Thanks!”

“Tonya and April are so caring and helpful with their clients.  They make you feel so special.  They give you attention and support to continue.  I would highly recommend this program.”

“My experience with Tonya and April was wonderful.  Any concerns or questions I had they would find the answer for me.  They were very patient and understanding.  They went at the pace that was comfortable for me.  I would highly recommend this program for anyone having respiratory problems.”

“When I first started, I felt that is program wasn’t going to help me at all and I was just wasting my time.  When I got started, I started to have a good feeling. Tonya was amazing. [She] explained everything in detail and even gave some helpful advice.  I only have 3 more appointments here and find myself wanting more.  Never imagined feeling better and in more control of my health.  I would definitely recommend this program.  Thank you!”

“The pulmonary rehabilitation has really helped me out!  April and Tonya took their time to explain everything to me when I had a question.  Going to rehabilitation has helped me with my breathing an to learn new techniques.  I highly recommend them.”

“The pulmonary rehabilitation helped me a lot.  It helped me to recover.  I would promote this rehabilitation to anyone.  This place is amazing.  They are friendly and keep the place clean.  They work real good with the patients.”

“I have more stamina and can improve on my exercise plan.  The therapists were professional and knowledgeable.  It is also nice to talk with others on the road to recovery.”

“When I first started the Pulmonary Rehabilitation program my ability to ambulate one lap around the gym was limited.  It caused such an increase in shortness of breath.  My strength and endurance has significantly increased for me.  Although I still have some limitations, I am grateful for the progress I have made.  My ability to go through my day and normal activities is at a level now where I don’t have to take frequent rest periods.  For that I am most grateful!”

Satisfied Patient

“Pulmonary rehab has been a very positive experience.  I feel that my breathing and physical being has improved during my weeks at your facility.  The staff was always kind, concerned and helpful.  They were always very thorough and courteous throughout my journey.”

Satisfied Patient

“Tonya and April went above and beyond in helping me.  They were courteous and spoke in a way that I understood.  After 79 years I was taught how to breathe properly at all times and it has definitely helped me.”

Satisfied Patient

“When I first started with pulmonary rehab in Windber I could barely walk a lap or do any of the exercises. I had little confidence that this rehab was going to be beneficial. The girls worked with me every step of the way, encouraging me and never stopped pushing me. Today I can walk nine laps and spend time on the machines with confidence. If you are having any pulmonary issues due to COVID, COPD, Emphysema or any other breathing issues, I would strongly encourage you to give Windber’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation a chance to work with you.”

Satisfied Patient

“I feel better.  I have more energy.  I’m breathing better.  The staff were very respectful, courteous and always went above and beyond.  I liked working with April and Tonya; they took good care of me.”

Satisfied Patient

“I started out slow and increased my movement and my breathing.  April and Tonya helped my breathing and Oxygen get better.  I am going to continue the program so I can get even stronger.”

Satisfied Patient

“I would like to thank you two for helping me with my breathing after COVID.  I know it’s your job, but it’s my life.”

Satisfied Patient

“April and Tonya were extremely wonderful and pleasant every time. They started me out with understanding and concern which continued the whole time. I am completely satisfied with the way I was treated and how good I felt when I was finished with my pulmonary rehabilitation sessions. Going to therapy and having the care and concern I got was wonderful. I actually enjoyed going to my sessions. Just walking in and being met with the kindness I got makes it so easy to do the work I need. I so enjoyed it. Made work not so much like work!”

Satisfied Patient

“The pulmonary rehabilitation therapists deserve 5 stars. They are truly an asset to your program. God bless April and Tonya for answering all of my doubts, questions, and concerns about where pulmonary rehabilitation might take me. My progress might be slow, but I’m doing something! I keep coming because when I’m done I feel terrific! I am glad for a maintenance program. I have hope that I can move forward one step at a time.”

Satisfied Patient

“I enjoyed going to pulmonary rehabilitation.  The girls were so nice and very good at what they do.  I feel so much better after doing therapy.”

Satisfied Patient

“After having COVID Pneumonia and being on oxygen I was referred by my physician to Windber’s pulmonary rehabilitation program. In the 4 1/2 months of therapy I was able to get off of oxygen and my pulse ox went from the 80s to the 90s. The rehab was very good and the therapists, April and Tonya, were very encouraging and helpful at all times. I am very glad I went to this therapy and have decided to continue it at my cost. I can tell the improvement in my lungs from going to this therapy. Windber’s rehab is a great place for many types of therapy and I would recommend it to anyone who needs therapy, especially pulmonary therapy. Thank you April and Tonya! You two are the best!”

Satisfied Patient

“In March of 2021 I was struck by a sudden illness.  I spent 8 days in the hospital and when I went home I was no longer a healthy energetic person.  I spent the next year struggling to get thru the days.  My pulmonologist finally recommended pulmonary rehabilitation and the insurance approved session.  I wasn’t sure what to expect my first session but April and Tonya explained everything to me and gently but firmly coached me thru.  I left that day crying because I knew someone cared and was going to help me find my way back.  I HAD HOPE AGAIN!  This program gave me a sturdy foundation to rebuild my health.  I still have many days when I’m tired and dragging, but I also have times when I feel like myself again.  Those times keep me going forward.  Thank you April and Tonya!!!”

Satisfied Patient

“Pulmonary rehabilitation is a wonderful program. I feel I am stronger and can breathe better with this program. April and Tonya are excellent at their jobs. They are cheerful and encouraging. I would recommend this program to anyone.”

Satisfied Patient

“The Pulmonary Rehabilitation program that I completed recently was very worthwhile.  The two therapists, April and Tonya, were both very friendly and made me feel comfortable being in a strange place, like a gym.  They were very encouraging and made me want to do better each time.  They would nudge me along just enough to get me to work harder each visit.  I really feel that I got some great benefit out of the program.  I can breathe better and my stamina has improved as well.  I also noticed that I am moving easier in my everyday activities.  I am actually looking forward to continuing with my rehab activities on my own now.”

Satisfied patient

“I found the Pulmonary rehabilitation program to be very patient oriented.  The interaction I had with your staff was excellent.  Very friendly and always helpful.  Tonya and April were always helpful and on top of things.  I’ve made great progress since starting the program.”

Satisfied Patient

“I had a pleasant experience and a very helpful experience in pulmonary rehabilitation.  The staff helped me to regain my lung capacity.  They were pleasant and they were informative.  I am now breathing much easier.”


“I would highly recommend [the] pulmonary rehabilitation program because it was very helpful to me and my condition. I would like to thank the therapists for everything they did for me. It definitely helped me.”

Satisfied Patient

“I would highly recommend this program to anyone with COPD or other lung and breathing problems. The instructors are wonderful to work with and the exercise program builds up your strength and lung function. Very well run program and I’m glad I took advantage of it.”

Satisfied Patient

“I came to pulmonary rehabilitation because of shortness of breath while walking.  Although I have an equilibrium problem, the rehab has improved my shortness of breath dramatically.  Both April and Tonya do a good job of keeping me focused on what I need to do to keep me on track.  Also, I have not needed to use my rescue inhaler in a couple of weeks.”


“Pulmonary rehabilitation has certainly improved my stamina and strength. My upper body is stronger and I can do more exercise and can walk farther and faster. April and Tonya have instructed me and encouraged me. They are knowledgeable and helpful. I truly appreciate their kindness and patience. I could not have advanced so far without their guidance. I would highly recommend the pulmonary rehabilitation program to anyone who needs and desires to improve their lung function.”


“This is my second time in pulmonary rehabilitation, but when I started this time I was way worse than the first time.  I was out of breath from just walking.  They suggested using a walker and it made the world of difference.  I never thought I would use one, but my PCP wrote an order for one and it made my life at home so much easier.  The girls really work you at your own pace.  I had many medical issues come up this time and it took longer to finish.  They were so helpful and patient with me.  To say I came far would be putting it mildly.  I know I have to push myself some days, but it is worth it in the end.”

Beverly H.

“I never thought I could do the pulmonary rehabilitation program. Both April and Tonya were very encouraging, understanding and patient.”


“The therapists were always friendly and happy so that therapy was more fun than work. I enjoyed going for the friendly atmosphere. They pushed you to try to do more but never insisted if you thought you couldn’t. I learned how to breathe the correct way and how to come up the steps much easier. I have more strength in my legs to walk and get up from the floor with more ease.”

Satisfied Patient

“I feel much stronger now than when I first started pulmonary rehabilitation. I have more confidence in myself.  My breathing is better. I can walk longer and do more work. Thanks again for caring. This is the best thing that has happened to me.”

Satisfied Patient

“I am so glad I chose CSSMC at Windber for my pulmonary rehabilitation.  My therapists increased my strength, endurance and confidence that I can continue to live a good life.  My dietician was also informative and reality based.  Finally, it was much easier to be in an atmosphere of acceptance and non-judgment among the programs participants.”

Satisfied Patient

“The pulmonary rehabilitation program has been a positive experience for me.  I fill it has really helped me to improve my overall health.”

Georgia P.

“Pulmonary rehabilitation has helped me understand my illness and deal with it better.  The exercise helped a great deal.”

Linda C.

“The pulmonary rehabilitation facility was well staffed with many clean, working machines available; and helpful, cheerful staff.  It also had large windows with relaxing, great views; lots of TV’s to watch when exercising; and clean restrooms.  I was excited to come to the pulmonary rehabilitation classes as I got stronger and my endurance increased.  My weight dropped as I became more conscious of what I was eating and what I should eat.  The exercises were not hard, yet got you moving from your head to your toes.  Encouragement and care from staff members April and Tonya was greatly appreciated.”

Linda E.

“I felt the pulmonary rehabilitation program has helped me to maintain what little lung function I have left, not to mention toning muscles and increasing stamina.”

Kenneth B.

“I have learned more about the importance of better eating habits, being more consistent with my workouts on a daily schedule, proper breathing procedure and more dedicated to walking regularly for a prescribed distance. I now have a better understanding of the importance of maintaining a daily schedule.”

Thomas F.

“When my doctor suggested pulmonary rehabilitation for my COPD, I never thought it would help me in many different ways. The exercises definitely helped my lung function, but the exercises also strengthened my muscles for activities of daily living. I am more sure footed to walk upstairs to the bedrooms or downstairs to the laundry room. It is now easier to open a jar! The breathing tips from the therapists make going for a walk enjoyable again. They are very supportive and encouraging.”

Barbara P.

“After Christmas of 2016 I sat around everyday not doing any exercise. I finally realized I should do something about my COPD. So I asked my doctor about Pulmonary Rehabilitation and I’m glad I went. The trainers are very good. The exercise has taught me how to breathe while exercising. The exercise was good for me and has helped my breathing.”

Satisfied Patient

“The Pulmonary Rehabilitation program gave me strength and increased my walking. It also taught me the proper way to breathe using my Oxygen.”

Arthur C.

“I was at a low physical time of my life, it was hard breathing to do my activities of daily living.  Now after 3 months I have more endurance, a better outlook and I see more activity in my future due to my increased stamina.  I never thought at this age I’d be so fit.  Thank you.”

Satisfied Patient

“I would recommend Windber’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation program to all. I was very pleased with the care I have gotten and the improvement to my breathing. The staff of April and Tonya are excellent. I give them an A+/10+ approval rating.  I am not a real people person and they immediately made me feel welcome and comfortable. I intend on continuing with them in maintenance pulmonary rehabilitation. Thanks to them and their care. Windber has two of the best in them. Keep up the great work.”

Barry O.

“Upon entering the Pulmonary Rehabilitation program I was in pretty bad shape.  With the help of April and Tonya and their knowledge, professional help, and guidance I have become a different and more healthy individual.  I would recommend this program to anyone in need.”

Satisfied Patient

“The pulmonary program has brought me back to where I now can go without Oxygen and gave me a clear plan that I must follow in order to improve overtime in strength and endurance.  It has made me aware of certain foods, beverages and conditions to avoid that would hinder my breathing.  The staff was very encouraging and very patient with me.  They really care about their patients and it shows.  This program is a win situation for me and I am so fortunate to have been able to participate in it.”

Margaret M.

“Pulmonary rehabilitation reinforces your confidence that regardless of your age you are still, within reason, capable of accomplishing things you considered beyond your reach. It allows you to progress along with many others, regardless of age, to a higher degree of achievement. You succeed at your own pace. You also observe that others have similar problems; some less, some worse. All in all, when you finish you feel that you have accomplished something that will benefit you in the future. The entire staff is well oriented in what they do, and they deserve credit for a job well done. April and Tonya thank you for everything.”

Edward C.

“Pulmonary rehabilitation was just what I needed. I improved my walking endurance, found it easier to walk up steps, added arm strength and greatly helped my overall mental approach to coping with my lung condition. Tonya and April were tremendous with their smiles, encouragement and professional help in developing a positive workout routine. Their knowledge of what to expect while exercising and their uplifting attitude was greatly appreciated. They became people you looked forward to talking to before, during and after exercising. Meeting and being with others who are going through the same type of lung problem made it much easier to accept my own limitations and improvements. All staff encountered were extremely helpful and encouraging.”

George L.

“When I started pulmonary rehabilitation I didn’t have the quality of life I wanted. I was a grandmother that couldn’t enjoy my grandchildren like I wanted which made me depressed. My first day I had to stop three times to rest making one trip around the track. We went through the warm up exercises and then the machines. What a workout for me the first day realizing how low my physical being was. I had to rest between everything I did. I’m happy to go see everyone and now I am greeting new people calling them by name. I now walk a mile, lift light weights, and 30 minutes of machines at level four, I started at level one, without a rest in-between. I do an hour and a half of solid movement. I’m so happy with myself now. Thank you so much Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber and most of all Tonya and April.”

Mary W.

“I am so thankful that my doctors and I decided to seek pulmonary rehabilitation to help in my recovery from lung cancer. I couldn’t climb more than 4 steps and walk 50 feet. Now after just 3 months at Windber Medical Center, I can walk 1 1/2 to 2 miles a day and can do at least 16 steps with ease. The staff at the medical center are very knowledgeable and work with me on my individual needs. They monitor my progress consistently and make you feel like you are more than just another patient there. I always look forward to my workouts at the center because I know in my heart I will overcome this illness with the help of the dedicated professionals at Windber Medical Center. Thank you all very much and a special tribute to Tonya and April.”

Edward R.

“My experience at Pulmonary Rehabilitation was phenomenal.  It was excellent.  I wasn’t expecting much at first, but if you listen to the therapists, do the exercises and be persistent it works.  A few days I got up to go to pulmonary rehabilitation and didn’t feel good enough, but went anyway and glad I did.  I felt so much better within 15 minutes of doing the exercises and work.  It is a good feeling to know that the staff is there to help you, sympathize with and be a support to you.  I can’t say enough about this program.  Anyone with lung problems needs to do this program.  It really helps!  The staff is just wonderful too.  They are concerned, helpful, pleasant, courteous and easy to talk to.  Excellent program!”

Denise A.

“I have willingly and gratefully participated in the Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.  I feel that I have benefitted tremendously not only from the physical part of the program, but also knowledge presented to me.  The two therapists, April and Tonya, monitored my progress and encouraged me to set goals were pleasantly kind yet persistent and suggestive, positively concerned and alert.  They are two professional people who love their work.  All and all I am very satisfied and glad I participated in the program.  A+, five star rating.”

Kenneth B.

“This program is wonderful.  It has changed my physical well being completely.  The one on one instruction and monitoring is so reassuring.  No need to worry that something can happen while you exercise.  The girls (April and Tonya) are there the entire time-you never feel alone.  This program has increased my strength and stamina considerably.  I can now do many things breathing much easier than before I started to exercise.  I know now how important exercise is and I know it is a life change I need to continue.  We are so fortunate in this area that we have a facility available to us that has such wonderful staff and programs.”

Barbara V.

“Pulmonary rehabilitation has helped me physically and mentally.  Before I was going to the hospital and doctor quit often.  My anxiety was making my breathing worse.  Now I am stronger, more calm and understand my lung disease better.”

Linda C.

“Pulmonary rehabilitation greatly contributed to my improvements in everyday activities.  This program of exercise, education and much positive support improved my quality of life, decreased anxiety, depression and feeling of hopelessness.  Learning how to breathe and improving my strength and endurance in a group setting was most helpful.”

Patricia C.

“My experience, from the beginning, has been positive.  It has helped assure me that, even though my lung condition can not be cured, I can, with some limitations live a full and meaningful life.  Thank you!”

Satisfied Patient

“I feel that the pulmonary rehabilitation program is very well run and you have very experienced people who know their job.  I was very pleased with everything.  Tonya and April are excellent people.”

Jane A.

“Pulmonary Rehabilitation was a good experience overall.  I think I would have benefitted more if I didn’t have some other health issues such as RA.  I do think my breathing has improved and I am able to walk further.  The therapists (April and Tonya) were very attentive and helpful.  The patients seemed to have a good attitude which made the atmosphere a cheerful one.  I would recommend the program to anyone with breathing problems.”

Satisfied Patient

“Thanks to the Pulmonary Rehabilitation program at Windber I had a very short stay in the ICU in Pittsburgh and hospital stay after my double lung transplant.  I recommend the program to others.”

Chris C.

“I liked Pulmonary Rehabilitation.  It was a good experience and I greatly got good benefits from the program.”

Satisfied Patient

“The Windber Hospital Pulmonary Rehabilitation program was helpful to me in several ways: to focus on pursed lip breathing; to learn appropriate pacing especially for more active/strenuous activities; and to learn to coordinate the two more easily and efficiently.  Having to leave the ever present distractions of home was the major reason I could focus entirely on the seriousness of COPD, as well as have the opportunity to meet and interact with others having the same or similar diagnosis and needs as I have.”

Satisfied Patient

“The pulmonary rehabilitation program really helped me get back on my feet and start living again.”

Michael M.

“I enjoyed taking the pulmonary rehabilitation program.  I feel better now than when I started.  I believe that by going through it I have learned that I can do things such as exercise to help my strength and breathing issues.  It helped me so much that I am going to enroll in the maintenance program.”

Robert R.

“I was referred to Pulmonary rehab because I flunked the 6 minute walk for a lung transplant.  Thanks to the rehab I not only passed the 6 min walk, I gained an extra 200 feet over my goal.  The great teamwork and the attention to details by the respiratory staff tailor the routine to suit the needs of the person, not letting the small details get by.  They do a great job.”

Chris C.

“I was hesitant about coming to pulmonary rehabilitation, but I’m glad I did.  I’m pleased with my progress.  My endurance and breathing are better.  I am thrilled that I can walk a mile with minimal shortness of breath.  My blood pressure is also better and I have lost some weight.  I am also less anxious.  I really like the staff.  It’s a nice relaxed program.”

Ronald S.

“Pulmonary rehabilitation has helped me greatly.  It was more than I expected.  I can walk farther and easier.  I feel better now.  Overall I liked everything about it especially the girls.”

Satisfied Patient

“I was treated very well in pulmonary rehabilitation.  I now walk a little easier and breathe a little easier.  The staff keeps the patients busy and treats them nice.  I would recommend this program to any patient with lung disease.”

Satisfied Patient

“The entire experience was very pleasant at pulmonary rehabilitation.  I felt like I was improving my health and as it turned out it has improved my health.  I have told others about the program.”

Joseph B.

“Pulmonary rehabilitation has helped me to be able to do more.  My breathing has improved.  I feel stronger.  I can do things longer.  The staff has helped me deal with issues inside an outside of pulmonary rehabilitation.”

Satisfied Patient

“Pulmonary rehabilitation has helped both physically and my mental state.  I really feel that I can do something more to help myself and not sit around and feel sorry for myself.”

Larry P.

“Pulmonary rehabilitation has improved my walking and breathing.  The staff was good and helpful.”

Satisfied Patient

“I will highly recommend this pulmonary rehabilitation to anyone with respiratory problems.  The therapists are professional, thorough and very caring.  I’ve learned to compensate by changing my breathing patterns.  I only wish I had been diagnosed sooner.  I’m very glad you have a maintenance program.”

Satisfied Patient

“When I started my pulmonary therapy I was very nervous and anxious.  On the first day the therapists were great and that feeling was gone.  They were there every step of the way.  They explained everything to me from the warm ups to the machines.  As time went on I noticed I could do more chores at home and my endurance improved.  All in all I think therapy was the best thing I could have done.”

Satisfied Patient

“I recommend Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber for pulmonary rehabilitation for anyone who has respiratory problems.  The program helps you to gain back your strength.  The program covers all the muscles.  I thank the therapists who make sure you cover the program on every visit.”

Satisfied Patient

“Before starting pulmonary rehabilitation program I was very weak, short of breath and tired all the time except while sitting or laying down.  After participating in pulmonary rehabilitation I feel stronger, have more endurance, my breathing is much better and I don’t get tired near as quickly.  Pulmonary rehabilitation was right and very good for me.  I should have done this a few years ago and I would be a much healthier person.”

Bernard B.

“When I first came to pulmonary rehabilitation my muscles were very weak.  After a few sessions I got more involved, felt better about myself and saw improvement.  My breathing has significantly improved.  I don’t cough as much or have as many secretions.  The staff is friendly and helpful.  The dietician is helpful.  The therapist help you to do your best.”

John P.

“I had a good time exercising and the girls were very nice to me.  They explained to me what to eat.  I am very satisfied with all their help.  I think it is a very good program.  I feel better now than I ever did.  I breathe better, sleep good and now feel good all around.”

Satisfied Patient

“Since I went through pulmonary rehabilitation I feel stronger, younger and never thought I would recover as well as I did.  My breathing has improved significantly since participating.  I don’t tire as easily and have more endurance.  I now have a better outlook about my lung disease.  I don’t feel 76 years old.  Tonya and April are wonderful therapists.  They are kind and knowledgeable.”

Satisfied Patient