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Cath Lab Testimonials

“I was made to feel very comfortable going into the lab. Everyone was wonderful with me. Not knowing what was about to happen, they were very comforting and the staff was amazing. The doctor came in, had a great bedside manner. I was awake the whole time having a conversation. It was pretty neat actually. [Dr. Hadeed] explained every step of the way. He kept asking me how things were going. Anyone I talked to said nothing but good praise for him, he has a great reputation, so I felt like I was in pretty good hands.”


In January 2019 just prior to having a total hip replacement, I started to experience atrial fibrillation. I was referred to Dr. Hadeed for a cardiac workup and was able to see him within a few weeks after surgery. After several tests and blood work I was scheduled for a cardiac catheterization. Having worked for several decades in the medical device / imaging industry, I was very familiar with this procedure. I worked for a company that designed and manufactured devices used during imaging procedures. It was with this company that I worked on a project in the cardiology business and had the experience of spending time in the most competent cath labs in the region and the country to observe and understand the processes.

Upon becoming the patient, I thought a lot about the Cath Lab at CSSMCW as being relatively new but decided to have the procedure here because of my trust in Dr. Hadeed. I knew immediately upon meeting the staff and being prepped for the procedure that this Lab was top notch. The staff was knowledgeable, competent, calming and compassionate – they were kind and inspiring. I can honestly say that my experience as a patient in the Cath Lab at CSSMCW was consistent with what I observed in the top-performing labs where I spent time during my Cardiology project. CSSMCW, Dr. Hadeed, and the Cath Lab staff are providing a wonderful service to this community. The work they do is so important and they excel at it.