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Lions Club Donates Brady Buggy to CSSMCW Pediatric Therapy Program

Ervin and Linda Myers represented the Somerset Lions Club, 14-M, who generously donated a Brady Buggy to CSSMCW’s pediatric therapy program. The buggy, affectionately dubbed Leo the Lion, brings smiles to children undergoing therapy who visit the office. Physical Therapist Tonya McCool said “The Brady Buggy will allow our kiddos to move throughout our facility …

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Pediatric Therapy Program Receives Donation

The Marine Corps League Devil Dogs Pound #229 recently donated $500 to the Windber Health Care Foundation supporting the pediatric therapy program. With the funds, the program was able to purchase a leg activity board for core development; a colorful, stable balance beam; and easy-to-clean chairs for the waiting room.

“We are grateful for organizations like …

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Windber Health Care Foundation Auxiliary Donates Funds to CSSMCW for Pool Lift

In April, a new pool lift was installed in the therapy pool located in HealthStyles Fitness Center at Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber (CSSMCW). The Windber Health Care Foundation Auxiliary generously donated $7500 for the lift, which promotes the safety of the therapists and patients and permits those with physical impairments and disabilities access to aquatic exercise. Specifically, the pool lift allows an equal opportunity for patients and HealthStyles members alike to reap the benefits of water-based activity.

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Modified Barium Swallows Now Offered

Children in the area can now visit Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber (CSSMCW) for Pediatric Modified Barium Swallows (MBS), evaluations that are integral in assessing and ruling out aspiration in the pediatric through adult populations. Specifically, these studies aim to assess the safest consistencies that a patient is able to take without dysphagia or swallowing dysfunction resulting in the risk of aspiration (food and liquids entering the airway).

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