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Windber Health Care Foundation Auxiliary Donates Funds to CSSMCW for Pool Lift

In April, a new pool lift was installed in the therapy pool located in HealthStyles Fitness Center at Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber (CSSMCW). The Windber Health Care Foundation Auxiliary generously donated $7500 for the lift, which promotes the safety of the therapists and patients and permits those with physical impairments and disabilities access to aquatic exercise. Specifically, the pool lift allows an equal opportunity for patients and HealthStyles members alike to reap the benefits of water-based activity.

The unique characteristics of water have been widely known as an effective treatment for those with pain and joint inflammation varying from arthritic to post-operative changes. It is lesser known that buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure have the ability to decrease abnormal muscle tone and spasticity often correlated with neurological diseases, varying from stroke and Parkinson’s disease to pediatric conditions, such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy.

Pediatric Physical Therapist Megan Painter said, “These children and adults are often unfairly categorized as being unsafe due to their need for increased assistance. As a result, this pool lift will provide another means of treatment for a larger population of patients, widening their opportunity for rehabilitation and overall quality of life.”

The Windber Health Care Foundation Auxiliary raises funds throughout the year by holding annual events, such as Afternoon Tea and Showcase Chefs, as well as by selling food at the hospital’s bi-annual craft shows.

“The rehabilitation team and HealthStyles Fitness Center would like to thank and recognize the women in the Windber Health Care Foundation Auxiliary for their continual generosity and support for the betterment of their community,” said Director of Physical Therapy Tom Anders.

Pictured: Slippery Rock University student Kelsey Walker (left) and Pediatric Physical Therapist Megan Painter (right) work with patient Victoria Schech in the therapy pool.

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