Heart Month 2021

February is American Heart Month, a time to focus on our heart health and adopting heart-healthy behaviors. CSSMCW wants to help you and is hosting two webinars in February – check them out!

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Heart Healthy Food Demo

Presented on February 17, 2021

During our free educational webinar we learn what makes up a heart healthy diet from Registered Dietitian Amy Lushko and watch Food Service Director Jennifer Snyder demonstrate the preparation of heart healthy flavored tuna and chia pudding.

Click here for the Heart Healthy Food Demo Recipes.
Click here for the Heart Health Nutrition Informational Slide.

Educational Webinar: Weight Loss, Heart Health & You

Healthy weight loss for obesity salad, prescription, exercise, stethoscopePresented on February 23, 2021

During our free educational webinar, Molly Sambor, CRNP with WindberCare Surgical Associates & Bariatrics discusses the disease of obesity and how you can reduce the effects of heart disease and other weight-related health problems with weight loss as small as 5 to 10%.

Test your knowledge about heart disease and its risks by taking a short quiz.

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