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Trudi Brown, MD

Trudi Brown, MD

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Phone: 814-467-3060
Fax: 814-467-3097

Joyce Murtha Breast Care Center

600 Somerset Avenue
Windber PA, 15963 Breast Care

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Medical School

West Virginia School of Medicine


Fairview General Hospital


Fairview General Hospital

Specialty Area

Breast Surgery

Board Certifications

American Board of Surgery

About Dr. Trudi Brown

1. What is your specialty?
I am a breast specialist. I specialize in the treatment of benign and malignant breast diseases. I performs stereotactic and ultrasound guided core biopsies as well as lumpectomy, mastectomy, nipple sparing mastectomy, oncoplastic surgery, and sentinel lymph node biopsy.

2. Why did you want to become a physician?
I always loved science, especially biology. When I started college I initially set out to be a medical laboratory technologist. While in training I discovered that I enjoyed patient contact during lab visits for blood draws more than running the tests. I was also fascinated by the effect of various diseases on patients. This had a lasting impression on me and directly influenced my decision to become a doctor. I wanted to help patients suffering from these diseases.

3. What is one aspect of the job that you find rewarding?
Being a breast surgeon provides the best of both worlds. It allows me to educate patients and surgically treat multiple facets of breast diseases, both benign and malignant. More importantly, I have the wonderful opportunity to develop lasting relationships with patients during their treatments. Another aspect I find rewarding is being the director of the Joyce Murtha Breast Care Center and working closely with CSSIMMW toward finding a cure for breast cancer.

4. In your opinion, what’s the future of your field?
The future of breast cancer is very exciting. We are moving toward less invasive procedures that allow less tissue to be removed and provide better cosmetic outcomes. Important advancements in the realm of chemotherapy have also been noted. Newer drugs have been developed which allow patients to have individualized treatments based on the biological nature of their cancer.

5. What do you do to achieve work/life balance?
I enjoy spending time with my two children, going back to my hometown to visit my parents, relaxing at home watching Hulu and eating Fig Newtons, walking my dogs, and bellydancing.

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