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Hugo Villanueva, MD

Hugo Villanueva, MD

Contact Information

Phone: 814-467-3653
Fax: 814-467-3655

CSSMCW Surgical Associates & Bariatrics

600 Somerset Ave.
Windber PA, 15963 Bariatric Surgery

Spoken Languages

English, Spanish

Medical School

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine


Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center


Geisinger Medical Center

Specialty Area

Bariatric Surgery
General Surgery
Minimally Invasive Surgery

Board Certifications

American Board of Surgery

1. What is your specialty?
I specialize in General, Bariatric, and Foregut Surgery with an emphasis on minimally-invasive techniques.

2. Why did you want to become a Physician?
Medicine allows me to combine my passion for aiding others with my interest in science. The marriage of art and science in the field of surgery was especially appealing to me.

3. What is one aspect of the job that you find rewarding?
There is nothing quite like the genuine appreciation of a patient whose life you changed or saved, no matter how small or large the impact. I can’t imagine another field with that same reward.

4. In your opinion, what’s the future of your field?
Surgery is becoming less invasive, safer, and more accessible. I’m excited to join the newest generation of surgeons who have advanced laparoscopic, robotic, and endoscopic skills in addition to classical open surgical training

5. What do you do to achieve work/life balance?
I ensure that I always take time to decompress, reflect, and learn from both my successes and my mistakes.

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