Knitted Knockers Breast Prothesis Donated to JMBCC

Three months ago, Betty Wolfe, a member of a local knitting group, read an article about Knitted Knockers, soft, comfortable, knit prosthesis for breast cancer survivors. Wolfe shared the article with Chris Richey, instructor and owner of the Southmont “Knot a Yarn Shop,” where three groups gather weekly. Wolfe and Richey, along with the rest of the knitting group, were very excited to become part of the national project as volunteer knitters, donating Knitted Knockers for free.
Knitted Knockers are made with a special type of yarn that is soft, 100% cotton, washable, and filled with PolyFiberFil. They are soft and comfortable, and when placed in a regular bra take a natural shape. These can be utilized for women who have undergone mastectomies or other breast procedures in place of traditional breast prosthetics that are usually expensive, heavy, sweaty, and uncomfortable. Knitted Knockers can also be adjusted to fill the gap for breasts that are uneven, and easily adapted for those going through reconstruction by simply removing some of the stuffing.

“It is so wonderful that these knitters donate their time, energy, and personal expense to knit these breast prosthesis. We are already receiving positive feedback from our patients, said Erin Goins, director of the Joyce Murtha Breast Care Center. “The Joyce Murtha Breast Care Center is very appreciative of these ladies’ efforts to support breast cancer survivors.”

It takes 6 hours to knit a pair of these special prosthesis. The group obtained specific patterns for each breast size and use various colors of yarn. They have graciously donated 28 pairs of Knitted Knockers to the Joyce Murtha Breast Care Center. The JMBCC is the first in the area to have these prosthesis available to patients.

Pictured below, L to R: Knitters Julie Katz, Betty Wolfe, Sheri Lowry, Chris Richey