Embracing Compassion: Celebrating Hospice, Palliative Care, and Home Health Month with CSSMCW’s Homecare Services

Hospice Care

In November, Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center (CSSMCW) at Windber celebrates Hospice, Palliative Care & Home Health Month, a time to shine a light on the essential homecare services provided to patients and their families in their time of need. CSSMCW offers a range of homecare services designed to cater to patients’ specific needs, ensuring that they receive the care and support necessary to improve their health, maintain their quality of life, or provide comfort as they approach the end of life.

CSSMCW Vice President of Nursing Sherri Spinos said, “These vital services are delivered by compassionate and skilled professionals who work hand in hand with patients and their families to develop tailored care plans that prioritize their well-being. Our dedication to offering these homecare services is a testament to our commitment to the health and happiness of our patients, as well as unwavering support for families facing challenging circumstances.”

CSSMCW is committed to providing exceptional care, comfort, and support regardless of the homecare service you need. Read the brief descriptions below to help you determine which may be the best fit for you or your family.

Home Health Care
Home health care, often referred to simply as “home health,” skilled care delivered directly to a patient’s home. It focuses primarily on providing medical and rehabilitative services to individuals who are recovering from an illness, surgery, or injury. Its goal is to provide clinical care while helping patients improve their health and regain their independence.

Windber Home Health serves all of Somerset and Cambria Counties, as well as parts of Bedford County. To reach them, call 814-467-3724.

Palliative Care
Palliative care is a special kind of medical care for patients dealing with serious illnesses, like cancer or heart failure. Patients may receive medical care for their symptoms and comfort (palliative care), along with treatment intended to cure their serious illness. Palliative care is meant to enhance a person’s current care by focusing on quality of life for them and their family. Palliative care can work together with home health care when needed, providing a complete approach for people facing serious illnesses.

Community Based Palliative Care serves all of Somerset and Cambria Counties, as well as parts of Bedford County. Contact them by calling 814-467-3138.

Hospice Care
When patients with a serious illness approach the end of their life journey, CSSMCW provides hospice care to focus on their comfort, quality of life, and overall well-being. Hospice care is typically offered to individuals who have a limited life expectancy and are no longer seeking curative treatment for their illness. The primary goal is to provide comfort, pain management, and emotional support to patients and their families. Hospice care aims to ensure a peaceful and dignified experience for those who have a terminal illness with a prognosis of six months or less to live if the illness runs its natural course. The emphasis is on helping patients live their remaining days to the fullest, surrounded by the care and support they need.

Windber Hospice serves the communities of Cambria, Bedford, Somerset, and parts of Blair, Indiana, and Westmoreland counties. Reach out to them by calling 814-467-3684.

As we celebrate Hospice, Palliative Care & Home Health Month, CSSMCW’s homecare services serve as a reminder that, in times of need, there are compassionate and dedicated healthcare providers ready to offer care, comfort, and support, directly in one’s home.

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