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Subjects Needed for Saint Francis University Golf Research Study

We are looking for recreational golfers to participate in a research study. Subjects will fill out a questionnaire, go through a Titleist® Performance Institute movement screen, and then undergo DARI motion analysis for 10 golf swings. Subjects will then be given exercise recommendations and asked to return 6 weeks later for re-testing. Testing procedures will take approximately 45-60 minutes of the participant’s time and is free of charge. Participant’s can expect to receive recommendations based on their movement screen and swing analysis to help improve their golf game.

When: Initial testing will be done the first two weeks of June. Subjects will then be asked to return for a follow-up 6 weeks later. (Initial testing 6/5 and 6/12 | Return testing 7/17 and 7/24)
Where: CSSMCW Physical Therapy Department
Contact: To schedule an appointment, call CSSMCW’s Physical Therapy Department at 814-467-3465 during the following hours:

8AM – 6PM — M, W, Th
1 – 6PM — T
8AM – Noon — F

Please ask for Dan.