Murtha’s health care legacy remembered

At Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber, in Somerset County, the Joyce Murtha Breast Care Center uses advanced imaging technology for digital mammography, ultrasound and breast MRI in its battery of cancer detection techniques. The center offers education programs aimed at preventing and reducing the risk of breast cancer.

“Rather than care that is impersonal and disjointed, it was through Congressman Murtha’s efforts that a breast center was developed that utilizes a multidisciplinary approach,” said Holly Rigby, the senior vice president of professional services at Windber. “It integrates prevention, screening, diagnostics, treatment and continuing care. It is further unique in the incorporation of risk reduction.

“Congressman Murtha’s work also helped to establish multidisciplinary programs in preventive health and translational research including early diagnosis and treatment for heart disease, as well as new strategies to improve and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors and understand the biological mechanisms through which lifestyle changes can exert their influence.”

Rigby at the Windber center said, “The impact of his work extends far beyond his district. He leaves a legacy of significant advances in health promotion, accessible and optimal clinical care, and medical research.”