CSSMCW Reaches 1,000th Cardiac Catheterization Milestone

On September 22, 2020, the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber (CSSMCW) reached an exciting milestone, completing its 1,000th cardiac catheterization, including more than 250 cardiac interventions.

A cardiac catheterization is a procedure that allows the physician to directly visualize the arteries of the heart in order to diagnose life threatening blockages that could cause a heart attack. A cardiac intervention is defined as placing a balloon and/or stent into a blocked coronary artery to provide adequate blood flow through the vessel.

“I’m pleased to announce this milestone for Medical Director Dr. Samir Hadeed and the entire Cath Lab team at CSSMCW. We have achieved two full years of accredited cardiac care totaling more than 1000 cardiac and peripheral cases,” said Cath Lab Director Shannon Vitovich.

The state-of-the-art lab opened on October 15, 2018. Since then, under the direction of Dr. Hadeed, the staff have shown a commitment to providing quality care for patients in the community, spanning Cambria, Bedford, and Somerset counties.

The lab also performs other procedures such as:

  • Transesophageal Echocardiograms (TEE) – used to check the valves and chambers of the heart
  • Cardioversions – converts the heart back into a normal rhythm
  • Vascular Studies – similar to a heart catheterization, this procedure is used to identify blockages in the arteries of the legs that can cause discomfort, pain, or limited blood flow leading to ulcerated areas on the skin

Pictured: The Cardiac Cath Lab team (Krystal Stanczyk, RT; Brenda Spinelli, Secretary; Tyler Spotz, RN; Shannon Vitovich, Manager; Dr. Samir Hadeed, Medical Director; Stephanie Bosak, RT; and Keisha Williams, RN) surrounding 1,000th Cardiac Cath Patient Kimberly Meagher.

 About ‘State of the Heart’ Cardiac Care at CSSMCW
‘State of the Heart’ Cardiac Care at CSSMCW means no more wasted time in travel to another hospital for your cardiac needs. Time is a key factor in preventing cardiac muscle injury. Minutes are crucial to survival for heart related problems. Start receiving superior care closer to home, work, and closer to your heart!

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