Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber Key Player of the month

The Radiology Department of Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber recently scored 100% in the Highmark Quality Blue Program. So much of that success was due to the effort of Tracy Sharpe, Windber Medical Center’s September Key Player. Tracy, employed at Windber Medical Center for over 23 years, is committed and dedicated to her work, her patients and Windber Medical Center. The words of her co-workers say so much.

“Tracy deserves this Key Player award for her exemplary work and dedication to the Radiology Department and this year’s Highmark Quality Blue project. Tracy went above and beyond to make this year’s project a success. She used the data analysis of this project to provide information and education to all CT techs on tracking and lowering patient doses at Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber, helping to promote a healthy community,” stated coworker Hannah Berkey.

“She has exhibited excellence in CT for over 20 years, is a quick learner and passes along her knowledge to the other CT techs,” acknowledged Radiology Medical Director, Lawrence M. McNiesh, MD.

“Tracy is cross-trained in three modalities (CT, US, and PET/CT). She takes publish call for Ultrasound and CT, takes responsibility for scheduling, service, repairs, quality assurance and ACR accreditation for CT and PET/CT. In addition to her duties Tracy has expressed an interest in re-training for diagnostic radiology to help out with scheduling needs,” added Radiology Department Director, Cindy Cwik.

Windber Medical Center is fortunate to have Tracy Sharpe, a caring person with exemplary knowledge in her field.