Incorporating exercise and a healthy diet into your daily life provides long-term weight loss results that diets can’t match. Studies have shown that 95% of people who participate in fad diets regain weight after six months. We know that multiple factors can cause weight gain, including genetics; other medical problems; cultural and social dynamics; or any combination of these. Quick fixes and fad diets tend to be empty promises and neglect to treat and manage the multiple causes of weight gain.

  • Choose CSSMC at Windber for individual or group medical weight loss programs
  • Our nationally accredited Metabolic and Surgery Program offer non-surgical and individualized weight management programs
  • We will tailor an easy to follow program for you that can include:
    • Ketogenx 12 week medical weight loss program
    • Prescription weight loss medication
    • Behavior modification and lifestyle coaching
    • Nutrition and exercise planning
    • Combinations of various treatment options
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