How WindberCare Physical Therapy Can Help You:

The principle function of Physical Therapy is to help people overcome problems that limit their body's ability to move and participate in activities of daily living. Common causes of limited movement include surgery, illness and injury. For example, we help stroke victims learn to walk or to regain movement in their arms and hands, athletes recover from sports injuries, and patients who have been immobilized by casting or disease, regain their strength and mobility.

As part of Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber, WindberCare Physical Therapy provides our patients with unparalleled resources to help them regain movement-highly-trained, experienced therapists, the best equipment and access to all the exercise programs and equipment of HealthStyles and a host of specialized services that are available nowhere else in our region.

Acute Care

Acute Care is available for anyone who has suffered limited movement as the result of surgery, illness or injury. An acute care physical therapist works closely with the patient's health care team to develop a treatment plan that compliments other forms of care. Acute care therapy can include therapeutic exercise, functional training and gait training with crutches, walkers or canes.


Orthopedic problems involve damage or injury to bones, ligaments and tendons. Orthopedic physical therapy is especially helpful to those recovering from fractures, back problems, sports injuries, surgery or maladies like tendonitis and bursitis. The goal of orthopedic physical therapy is to return the patient to their normal pre-injury condition. This is done in stages beginning with the control of pain and swelling, then with exercise to improve range of motion and strength.

Aquatic Therapy

In the aquatic therapy pool, water provides both support and resistance that is an ideal form of treatment for a host of movement-related conditions. Specially-trained aquatic therapists help patients cope with and overcome problems with circulation, strength and endurance, balance, inflammation and conditions like chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain and post-operative pain.

Manual Therapy

As the name implies, Manual Physical Therapy is a hands-on form of treatment. Our therapists use a specific set of manual techniques to diagnose and treat soft tissue and joint problems. Manual physical therapy can help to increase the patient's range of motion, reduce or eliminate soft tissue inflammation, improve joint stability, shorten recovery times and improve overall function. As in massage, manual therapy can facilitate the healing process by inducing a relaxed state.

WindberCare Sports Medicine

While WindberCare Physical Therapy helps injured athletes to recover from their injuries, we would much prefer that they avoid getting injured in the first place.  The purpose of the Sports Medicine Department is to use sport-specific training to improve endurance, strength, speed, agility, and overall sports performance. Highly-conditioned athletes are less likely to be injured or even reinjure themselves after surgery. The program includes comprehensive consultations, one-on-one training sessions, football combine testing and both pre-season and in-season performance and lifting programs for all sports.  The Sports Medicine Department has two athletic trainers on staff to provide services to local high schools and colleges.  Please call the Physical Therapy Department for additional details.

Myofacial Release

Fascia is a connective tissue found throughout our bodies. It is what holds us together inside. Trauma, poor posture, inflammation, even emotional stress can cause this connective tissue to compress, causing pressure and pain. Myofacial release uses gentle, sustained pressure to relieve this tension, thereby reducing pain and promoting healing. Myofacial release is especially effective for those who suffer from back and neck pain, headaches or fibromyalgia.

Balance Therapy

It can be easy to take normal balance for granted. When balance problems arise they can affect our ability to work, drive and even walk. WindberCare physical therapy offers many very effective treatments to relieve balance-related conditions. They include balance exercises using both traditional methods and the Nintendo Wii, neurologic rehabilitation exercises, and treatments for conditions of the ear that impact balance.


Pediatric physical therapy focuses on promoting the highest quality of life for all children, birth to 21 years, with or at risk for movement dysfunctions.  Physical therapists work with children with a variety of diagnoses from developmental delay to, but not limited to, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, autism, torticolis, and muscular dystrophy.  The goal for pediatric therapy is therefore to aide children in reaching their maximum potential for functional independence through play-based activity by facilitating motor development, improving strength, enhancing learning opportunities and supporting care giving.