What insurances cover pediatric therapy?

CSS Medical Center at Windber accepts all insurances to ensure all children have the opportunity to benefit from treatment. We advised contacting your insurance company to ensure coverage. Some insurances may need preauthorization prior to evaluation which can be discussed by calling our contact number at (814)467-3465 for further inquiry.

How long is a typical plan of care?

This is highly dependent on your child’s impairments and family’s needs. We understand that life is busy enough so we try to taper treatment plans according to what you and your family needs. Treatment typically occur 1-2 times a week with duration significantly dependent open you and your child’s carryover at home and outside of therapy. Children often are discharged from therapy due to a plateau of gains in which they typically return after several months to be reassessed if progression is needed.

How is outpatient therapy different than school-based?

Often parents believe that if a child is receiving school therapy, outpatient services are not needed. These two services are quite different in many aspects. Specifically, school-based services must relate directly to a child’s ability to participate in an educational environment while out-patient therapy is typically based upon a physician’s referral, medical diagnose or therapist’s evaluation indentifying deficits or delays not only affecting school participation yet play and function in daily life.