Occupational Therapy helps people across the lifespan participate in things they want and need to do through therapeutic use of everyday activities (occupations).  Occupational therapy treats conditions that limit the patient's ability to perform normally in all aspects of daily life-both in and out of the workplace.  Occupational Therapy focuses on helping patients overcome limitations that prevent them from performing the activities of normal daily life tasks.  WindberCare Occupational Therapy helps you to do the things you need to do.


Muscular imbalances can cause problems with your spine, joints, nerves and muscles.  The WindberCare Occupational Therapy team can address those problems through the use of Kinesiology.  Kinesiology is a technique that uses postural and spinal analysis to identify those muscular imbalances, test to confirm their presence, and then employs a variety of modalities to correct the problems.  Treatment techniques, acupressure and neurolymphatic/neurovascular pressure points.

Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy

In the course of daily life and work, our bodies can take a beating.  So much of what we do at work and home depends on the ability of our upper body to perform properly.  This is especially true of our upper body-neck, shoulders, arms and hands.  Injuries, fractures or strains to those areas of our bodies can be particularly debilitating.  The WindberCare Occupational Therapy team is pleased to offer the specialized treatment of Hand and Upper Extremity.  This program provides comprehensive evaluations and therapy of the upper extremity from the shoulder to the fingertip.  Depending on a patient's specific needs, treatments can also include edema control, scar management, custom splints, work hardening/conditioning, ADL programs (activities of daily living), and more.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

The term "pediatric occupational therapy" may strike some people as odd, since children are too young to have occupations. In the context of therapy, 'occupational' refers not just to our jobs but to any and all activities of daily living. Because children's bodies are growing and their minds are developing, their needs and challenges are unique from those of adults. The child's "job" or occupation is to play and explore their surrounding environment. The WindberCare Occupational Therapy team provides pediatric services for kids who have been diagnosed with ADHD, mood disorders, autism, developmental delays and neurological conditions like Cerebral Palsy. We employ a wide range of therapies to help them perfect the skills of daily life-at home, in school and socially.

Pediatric occupational therapy services begin with a thorough evaluation of the child's needs, challenges and levels of function. Our therapist will examine a wide range of abilities including fine motor skills, visual and perception skills, handwriting, daily living skills, social interaction skills and sensory integration testing. The next step is the implementation of a course of therapies designed exclusively for each child.

Lymphedema is a painful condition that is common among women who have gone through treatment for cancer. While chemotherapy kills the cancer cells it can also harm the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a system of vessels and nodules that reach all parts of the body-much the same way that blood vessels do. Their job is to remove excess fluids from the body. When the system is damaged by chemotherapy the result can be extreme and painful swelling, particularly in the arms and legs.

WindberCare Occupational Therapy provides effective treatment for those who suffer from Lymphedema-a process known as Complex Lymphatic Therapy or CLT.

CLT is a fairly simple, non-invasive pain-free process that includes gentle massage that helps to drain excess fluids, followed by the application of snug bandages to create compression that drains the system even further.

Patients who have suffered from Lymphedema have found relief through professional treatment from the Occupational Therapy department at Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at Windber

Specialized Therapies

Trigger Point Release - locates and treats small muscular bands that are easily palpable and tend to cause localized pain.

Myofascial Release - 'fascia' is the soft connective tissue that holds our bodies' internal parts together. Strains to the fascia or decreased mobility can cause muscle tension and joint problems. Myofascial release therapy locates and treats the stressed connective tissues to relieve pain and reduce swelling

PCS Release - The acronym stands for "Pelvic, Cranial and Sacral" release is a hands-on technique that uses gentle pressure on the neck, spine and pelvis to relieve pressure on nerves, muscles and connective tissue to relieve pain and improve mobility

Therapeutic Massage - Commercial massage therapists provide their clients with an enjoyable, relaxing, pampered massage experience. The WindberCare Occupational Therapy team, on the other hand, uses massage as a therapy that targets specific areas of the body that are limiting the patient's ability to perform everyday tasks. Therapeutic massage is also enjoyable and relaxing, but the result is improved function and performance.

Neuromuscular Rehab - Neuromuscular reeducation is a therapeutic technique that is used to improve balance, coordination, posture, kinesthetic sense and proprioception. Treatment may include balance exercises such as one-legged standing and the progressive use of a wobble board. Tandem exercises along with a postural challenge may be utilized to evaluate stability. The individual receiving treatment is encouraged to feel the correct position of joints and to perceive the direction of movement of the body extremities.